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Discover the journey of Birmingham Wellness Massage, from its inception by former teacher Brice Jackson to its commitment to exceptional massage therapy for optimal wellness. Learn about our unique approach, dedicated team, and the variety of therapies we offer to cater to your specific needs.

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Stress Relief Massage Therapies

Unwind and let go of stress with our soothing massage therapies designed to promote relaxation and mental clarity.

Swedish Massage

Seeking serene relaxation?

Target deep muscle layers and relieve chronic pain. Our expert neuromuscular massage awaits. Secure your healing experience.

Cupping Massage

Curious about ancient healing?

Experience ancient healing with modern expertise. Embrace wellness with our unique cupping therapy. Schedule your session.

Birmingham Wellness Massage

Looking for flexibility & comfort?

Elevate your flexibility and comfort. Discover the revitalizing power of our stretching massage. Reserve your path to wellness.

Birmingham Wellness Massage

Need gentle care for two?

Nurture yourself and your baby with our specialized prenatal care. Gentle, caring, and safe. Book your comforting session.

Birmingham Wellness Massage

Ready to melt away stress?

Explore our specialized Stress Relief Massages and book your session to tranquility today.


Pain ReliefMassage Therapies

Experience relief from pain and discomfort. Choose from our targeted Pain Relief Massages and book your path to recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

Desire profound muscle ease?

Delve into deep relaxation and muscle relief. Our deep tissue expertise promotes lasting comfort. Schedule your therapeutic escape.

Neuromuscular Massage

Chasing deep muscle relief?

Target deep muscle layers and relieve chronic pain. Our expert neuromuscular massage awaits. Secure your healing experience.

Sports Massage

Aiming for athletic excellence?

Enhance performance and speed up recovery. Our sports massage is tailored for athletes. Book your session for peak condition.

Lymphatic Massage

Want a natural health boost?

Boost your immune system and detoxify naturally. Experience the gentle power of our lymphatic massage. Reserve your healthful retreat.

Birmingham Wellness Massage

Ready to alleviate Your pain?

Explore our specialized Pain Relief Massages and book your session to tranquility today.

Couples Massage: Unite in Relaxation

Create a moment of shared serenity and deepen your connection. Book your Couples Massage experience with us now and indulge in a journey of relaxation and togetherness.

60-Minute Unwind

Perfect for a quick escape. Enjoy a harmonious 60-minute massage session designed to synchronize and relax you both.

90-Minute Escape

Extend your relaxation. Experience deeper rejuvenation with our comprehensive 90-minute couples massage.

Happy Clients, Glowing Reviews

Jaden C.Jaden C. ★★★★★ I had Shai today and I really appreciated her skill and the atmosphere she provided. I came for pain relief but also wanted as much relaxation as possible. She spoke softly and respected my wishes to not chat during the massage. However, she still checked in for pressure, which I liked. Her pressure was just right for my soreness. I am so relaxed after the session and cannot wait to visit again. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. Will definitely be scheduling a super extended one next time!Erin C.Erin C. ★★★★★ Ravonda S has the magic touch! She listened to my situation and provided a wonderful healing massage.Sandra E.Sandra E. ★★★★★ It’s late Saturday night … I’m realizing that I have a little free time Sunday. Maybe I could squeeze in a massage ?!?! But who is open on Sundays and who books this late on Saturday nights online ??Much to my delight – Birmingham Wellness Massage Greystone does !I booked a 90min deep tissue massage with Shai and it was amazing. She was very professional and it was so relaxing. I came in with an aching body and left feeling rejuvenated and less stressed. Highly recommend!Happy massage Sunday folks! ☺️Terri H.Terri H. ★★★★★ Shai did an amazing job, very relaxing!Nelly E.Nelly E. ★★★★★ They were so kind! Definitely going again.Renita H.Renita H. ★★★★★ Shay Doss (Homewood location) did an excellent job with my massage. She explained what I should expect during the appointment, ensured I was comfortable, and took time discussing areas of concern. I will definitely schedule another appointment.Karlie K.Karlie K. ★★★★★ RaVonda was amazing definitely recommend!! I’m for sure coming back. She worked on all of my knots all over and did a great job. She was so easy going and very genuine especially about my nut allergies and was very cautious about what was in all of the oils/creams. 10/10Lori D.Lori D. ★★★★★ Perhaps the best massage of my life!Shay Doss is amazing!Jeanie C.Jeanie C. ★★★★★ Shay was amazing!! I am going to start seeing her once a month!Victoria N.Victoria N. ★★★★★ Very calming, relaxing atmosphere. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and autism related sensory issues and Andy was very accommodating and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.Leslie N.Leslie N. ★★★★★ Very relaxing and inviting. Firm and comfortable. Very professional.Venue T.Venue T. ★★★★★ Caitlyn G was awesome! Definitely will be back to see her!!James M.James M. ★★★★★ Shay Doss was great!Tristn L.Tristn L. ★★★★★ Shai and Austin were fantastic.Nick B.Nick B. ★★★★★ Excellent.Amanda H.Amanda H. ★★★★★ Shai was fabulous!!!!Jessica B.Jessica B. ★★★★★ Shai is a great massage therapist! She was kind, courteous and professional! The business its self is extremely clean and the environment is perfect for a relaxing massage! I’ll definitely be back soon!Wes W.Wes W. ★★★★★ Shai did a wonderful job – highly recommend!Margaret P.Margaret P. ★★★★★ Shai provided an excellent full body massage. She was gentle but firm and I felt so refreshed when I left. I will be returning!Tatyana CTatyana C ★★★★★ Great experience. Shai was really sweet and made everything comfortable for my first time massage. She took her time and didn’t rush and paid attention to my problem areas. Great de-stressor..will definitely be back.Jeniese H.Jeniese H. ★★★★★ The massage was amazing. Shai was kind and through. I will definitely be back. The facility was nice and relaxing.Kimberly T.Kimberly T. ★★★★★ Shā was amazing. I recommend her . Make you feel very comfortable and was very professionalCharles C.Charles C. ★★★★★ I was just released from physical therapy. Need a complete body massage and added the hot stones. I felt like a new person people. If you have never had a massage. This is the place and therapist!!!!milikah M.milikah M. ★★★★☆ She was very gentle and communicated whenever she was doing certain things.D P.D P. ★★★★★ Had a great experience. Shai took her time working out all my knots, which I had a lot of! Walked out feeling relieved from tensions in my shoulders and upper back.David P.David P. ★★★★★ I did a stretch massage with Andy and it was amazing. He openly discussed what he was noticing and assessed areas of weakness and how to address them. I will definitely be back and feel very comfortable referring him to others.Nathan K.Nathan K. ★★★★★ RaVonda at the Greystone location was very kind, professional, respectful, and helpful, and she did a great job!Breanna H.Breanna H. ★★★★★ Shai had a healing energy about her. She relaxed me greatly, and her handwork was great. 10/10 can’t wait to see her again.Heather D.Heather D. ★★★★★ Fantastic calming environment. It was wonderful to find a place for a massage on a Sunday! I highly recommend Shai. She is highly considerate of your needs and very skilled. I really love that Birmingham Wellness Massage asks how communicative you wish to be throughout your session – a very thoughtful touch!Elizabeth C.Elizabeth C. ★★★★★ Shai was my masseuse at the Greystone location for a nice and relaxing massage. She was very considerate of the pressure and would check in to make sure everything was okay. Also, she helped release a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. She was also very aware of new knots that had developed. Shai gave me a few helpful recommendations to do at home to help between massages. Again, overall a great experience, and will look forward to the next massage.allie R.allie R. ★★★★★ Absolutely amazing!!!!! Shai and Adrianna were amazingMadisen M.Madisen M. ★★★★★ Shai did such a great job with my Swedish massage. I came out feeling quite refreshed and relaxed.Lisa W.Lisa W. ★★★★★ I have tendinitis. After my visit with Shai, my ackle didn’t hurt that week.Tiffany T.Tiffany T. ★★★★★ I have had massages now by both Adrianna and Shai and they are both AMAZING!Gary B.Gary B. ★★★★★ Shai is an excellent therapist. I had a 90 minute Swedish massage. She worked very rhythmically creating an excellent Swedish massage experience. Very relaxing and therapeutic. I would heartily recommend her and look forward to my next massage.Nooni S.Nooni S. ★★★★★ I was super relaxed, and Shai was so caring and kind. She respected that I did not want to talk much and she did amazing!Tamika A.Tamika A. ★★★★★ Shay was my massage therapist and she did an amazing job. She was very personable and so accommodating. Massaged me right into a deep sleep. Check her out..Sharica J.Sharica J. ★★★★★ 10/10 Experience! They greet you with a smile as soon as you walk in the door. The check in process was really easy and my massage therapists were Ian and Shai they did an amazing job! If you’re ever in Birmingham check them out. The great thing about them is that they’re open on Sundays!Liz B.Liz B. ★★★★★ Jevashia. Yall. She has a gift that cannot be taught in massage therapy school. I usually don’t get massages – only special occasions – but after this stressful week I realized I need to set aside time for self care – or else I’m no good for anyone! But Jevashia is THE THERAPIST OF THE YEAR – do not sleep on her! Or do, if that’s what you tend to do during a really awesome massage. 😂❤️Addie P.Addie P. ★★★★★ Caitlin is incredible!tina T.tina T. ★★★★★ Very attentive and tries to get to the root of the problem.Eve P.Eve P. ★★★★★ Highly recommend Birmingham Wellness Massage! I have been going for almost a year now and I have been to two locations – Hoover and Birmingham – and both are great. I schedule my monthly appointments with Anne Lofton at the Birmingham location and she is the best! She’s incredibly personable and professional, I always leave feeling so calm and renewed. The rooms are very peaceful at baseline but on top of that, everyone is so considerate and they will always ask what they can change to make the atmosphere more comfortable for you. It’s only ever been a positive experience for me and I always recommend this company to anyone looking for massages.Rachel M.Rachel M. ★★★★★ Shai was amazing she was very kind and made sure I had a relaxing experience. My massage was exactly what I neededLanette S.Lanette S. ★★★★★ I had the pleasure of getting a massage from Sha Doss, she provided a wonderful experience. She was very professional, catering to my stress areas. I felt so relaxed and stress-free when she was done. I look forward to our next session.Keith W.Keith W. ★★★★★ Shia’ was amazing. First of all I am a big guy which causes therapist to have to work extra hard. I came in with some specific trigger points and she went to work. She has a very soft spoken calming presence and you can tell she really cares about the people she is helping. I have had hundreds of massages through the years but this was one of the best.Sierra R.Sierra R. ★★★★★ Shai was amazing!!Chelsea M.Chelsea M. ★★★★★ Shay is amazing!!!Tazarus W.Tazarus W. ★★★★★ Top notch! First time in with Ms. Doss and it was one of the best deep tissue massages that I’ve ever had.Nicole R.Nicole R. ★★★★★ Shai was amazing!! Great massage, would recommend to anyone.Sha D.Sha D. ★★★★★ Being an independent contractor and working for BWM has been one of the best experiences in my career!Also, the Homewood facility is quite nice!Todd S.Todd S. ★★★★★ Couldn’t be happier.Caitlin J.Caitlin J. ★★★★★ I loved my massage! Shai was very thorough and focused on all the areas I needed work on! Very pleasant experienceAmy F.Amy F. ★★★★★ I like this place so much, I got a membership! They are professional and work with you to meet your pain-relief needs. My usual go-to therapist is Rod, but I’ve also used Shai and Jessica. All helped me feel relaxed and addressed the pain I have in my left shoulder. Highly recommend!Sarah B.Sarah B. ★★★★★ Wonderful massage!kimberly C.kimberly C. ★★★★★ The atmosphere is very relaxing. Rod was Excellent! He assured that I maintained my comfort the whole time. He hit every point of stress on my body. I actually felt the release in my neck, shoulders, lower back , down to the feet! I highly recommend him.Elie P.Elie P. ★★★★★ She was greatLin M.Lin M. ★★★★★ She was wonderfulWhitney D.Whitney D. ★★★★★ I want to commend my massage therapist for an outstanding job today. Rod was so skilled and used amazing techniques to work out all my knots and kinks. I feel totally renewed. Thank you, Rod. Keep up the great work.Danielle B.Danielle B. ★★★★★ Shay was one of the best masseuse I have ever experienced. I will take this 3 hour drive every break. I even got homework to help me keep stress levels out of trouble areas. Will be back!Rebecca Jones G.Rebecca Jones G. ★★★★★ Excellent excellent excellentAustin was absolutely fabulous!Jhoana J.Jhoana J. ★★★★★ Shai is great in her job , amazing place & so easy to get a appointment withLakeisha J.Lakeisha J. ★★★★★ Shai was wondering, I am not from Birmingham, Alabama but every time I am here, I will most definitely be coming back!Please go check her out..Thanks Shai!!!!Zelda M.Zelda M. ★★★★★ I recently had the most wonderful session with Shay. She has worked on me in the past and it’s definitely been a while since I last saw her. To not have seen her in quite some time with a short description of my problem areas she quickly picked up on what I needed. She asked certain questions during the session to make sure I was always comfortable and making sure certain techniques were actually reliving the pain areas. She shared a few tips for things I can do during my day just to improve and help with some of the pain I have. I can definitely tell that she cares about the overall health of her clients. 10/10 would recommend and I can’t wait to book my next session.Enjuli B.Enjuli B. ★★★★★ Nice serene atmosphere. I received the deep tissue massage and it was beyond awesome. Two weeks later and I still feel great.Ashley D.Ashley D. ★★★★★ Shai was amazing! she really listened to me and was accommodating to my needs. I had certain areas of my back that were hurting more than others, and she went out of her way to spend more time on those areas. she checked in several times to make sure the pressure was what i was comfortable with. i’ll definitely be back!Michael A.Michael A. ★★★★★ Shai was amazing. Just the right amount of pressure all the way through. Very skilled. I will definitely use her services again. Thanks so much Shai!Kayla M.Kayla M. ★★★★★ Kate was great! I came in with pain and spasms in my back. She was so helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend her!!Tax Genie S.Tax Genie S. ★★★★★ I had an amazing experience with Shi. Highly recommend.HB THB T ★★★★★ Had a massage by Kate Davis and it was fantastic. Relaxing as well as relieving. I am 100% going to see her again. Everyone I’ve ever seen here has been great and the atmosphere is relaxing. =)Abbygrace M.Abbygrace M. ★★★★★ This was such an amazing experience in every way! Shai was so professional and kind throughout the entire experience. The salon was quiet, and extremely clean. I would give her 10 stars if I could! I will definitely be back!Brooks D.Brooks D. ★★★★★ Shai was great! Very professional. Will be returning!Leeah T.Leeah T. ★★★★★ Amazing! So professional and clean!Definitely will be back!c M.c M. ★★★★★ Hi had a wonderful experience, as a person that doesn’t get massages often enough; I found Shai to be very knowledgeable. She made sure to walk me through the process and asking along the way how and what I was feeling. Shai uses a calming soft voice when communicating which helped me relax and feel completely comfortable.I would gladly refer Shai to my family and friends and look forward to seeing her again.Susan H.Susan H. ★★★★☆ Not a bad experience. Easy to get in for an appointment.Kenneth C.Kenneth C. ★★★★★ Came down today due to foot, neck, and back pain. The therapist was kind, knowledgeable, provided excellent service and care. Thank you Caitlin.Emily D.Emily D. ★★★★★ As much as I would like to keep this a secret, I have to share that Anne Lofton gave the absolute BEST massage I’ve ever had! I just left and already can’t wait to go back!T. S.T. S. ★★★★★ I highly recommend this place for all of your spa/massage needs and wants! As always, Aqua was amazing! She is very attentive, friendly, and always goes the extra mile to make sure I’m taken care of. I’ll be back very soon!Beatrice M R.Beatrice M R. ★★★★★ Always professional and has wonderful bedside manner. Very informative about what steps she takes and talks to you through out the whole process making you feel very comfortable. If I could give 10 stars I would.Carlos P.Carlos P. ★★★★★ Aqua is the absolute best! She made me feel comfortable from the beginning to the end. She focused on all the areas of pain I described and I feel one hundred times better! Thank You Aqua and I’ll be booking you again asap!Demica S.Demica S. ★★★★★ Shay Doss is a highly effective massage therapist. She cares about your problem areas and begins each session by addressing those needs; thus making your appointment personable and enjoyable. Her professionalism and attentiveness is one of the many reasons that I return each month! I highly recommend her for your massage needs!Amber L.Amber L. ★★★★★ Shay is absolutely wonderful! 1000% would recommend.Abigail C.Abigail C. ★★★★★ Highly recommend Birmingham Wellness! Such kind staff and I left with my back feeling so much better!!Aryn G.Aryn G. ★★★★★ Ann Lofton Kendrick is amazing and I highly highly recommend her! I was in a car accident and unable to turn my head without some discomfort and after a 90 minute massage I have full range of motion without pain! She is magic!!!!Brandon C.Brandon C. ★★★★★ No exaggeration or hyperbole, absolutely the best massage I’ve ever received. Staff is friendly, professional, and obviously know what they are doing. This is the go-to place in Birmingham for a massage that is integrated into wholistic wellness practice.Ted P.Ted P. ★★★★★ Friendly, knowledgeable and personable staff that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They asked me if/where I had pain and made sure to address those problem spots during my session. I cannot recommended BWM enough!Shelley W.Shelley W. ★★★★★ This is an amazing place for a massage . Top of the line therapists and facility . All massage therapists are very knowledgeable . You won’t regret booking your next massage at Birmingham Wellness Massage .Maya E.Maya E. ★★★★★ I absolutely love this office! They have their own parking spots; how cool is that?! You don’t see that too often. Great location away from traffic off of 280. It’s always so clean, neat and quiet. There are plenty of rooms to host at least 5 services at a time.Jep D.Jep D. ★★★★★ Kate is a 10 out of 10. Her passion and experience as a massage therapist is unmatched!Jennifer D.Jennifer D. ★★★★★ Excellent, personalized service!Sha D.Sha D. ★★★★★ Great location!!! Clean, spacious and very new!!!js_loader

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