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About Birmingham Wellness Massage

Welcome to Birmingham Wellness Massage, where our mission is to provide exceptional massage therapy services to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and relaxation. Our founder, Brice Jackson, started his career as a sixth-grade teacher, but his passion for massage therapy led him to switch careers and open Birmingham Wellness Massage in 2015. Jackson had a unique gift for finding and working out acute or chronic pain issues for clients. And pain relief massage continues to be the number one therapy booked at Birmingham Wellness Massage. 

​At Birmingham Wellness Massage, we believe that massage therapy is not a luxury but an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Our team of licensed and experienced therapists is committed to providing personalized care to each client to address their specific needs and concerns.

Our Founder: About Brice

Meet Brice, the founder and heart behind Birmingham Wellness Massage. His story is one of determination, evolution, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those he touches through the art of massage.

Brice’s story into the world of massage therapy started as a side hustle while he pursued a career as a schoolteacher. Teaching sixth-grade math was his primary focus, but as many educators do, Brice sought additional opportunities. That’s when the idea of massage therapy surfaced, a skill he had cultivated since the ’90s, where he would help friends and teammates relieve their muscle knots. Brice decided to pursue formal education in massage therapy, graduating in 2009.

For five years, from 2010 to 2015, Brice worked tirelessly, providing massages to clients in their homes, slowly building his practice. However, in 2015, a shift was on the horizon. Changes in the teaching industry pushed him towards a new career path, one he had become increasingly passionate about. A chiropractor friend recognized Brice’s talent and offered him a chance to join his practice. With this opportunity, Birmingham Wellness Massage, LLC, was born on July 1st, 2015. Brice took a leap, redefining his career in his mid-30s, and, with the support of his wife, embarked on this new journey.

Driven by his extroverted nature and love for people, Brice’s first six months were marked by extensive networking efforts. He joined chambers and BNI groups, eager to spread the word about his services.

Brice Jackson - Owner of Birmingham Wellness Massage

And so, from 2015 to 2017, it was just Brice, building the foundation of Birmingham Wellness Massage. However, during a BNI meeting, a question lingered in the air: “What’s the lifespan of a massage therapist?” This prompted Brice to contemplate the future and expansion of his practice. Despite initially dismissing the idea, he couldn’t shake the thought. Eventually, Brice took a chance, hired therapists, and began to grow the business.

The Expansion of Birmingham Wellness Massage

The year 2020, though challenging for many, turned out to be a significant year for us. Our design, focusing on one-on-one client sessions, was perfectly suited for the COVID-19 era. As a result, we experienced substantial growth and opened five new rooms in Hoover, Alabama, in 2021. In 2023, we further expanded and opened our current location, in Greystone, Alabama near the corner of Highway 280 and Highway 119. Our clients are those seeking routine maintenance, stress relief, pain relief, or simply a break from life’s demands.

What Sets Us Apart

But what sets Birmingham Wellness Massage apart goes beyond massages. It’s about empowerment. Brice’s personal journey, marked by a teacher who believed in his potential, inspired the company’s mission. We strive to empower therapists, ensuring they have the resources and support to provide exceptional service to clients. The ripple effect of empowerment extends to clients, who leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered themselves. This positive energy spreads throughout the community, providing strength and support to those who need it most.

It’s our goal to create a transformative experience for our clients that keeps them feeling their best. The experience at Birmingham Wellness Massage is so much more than just another massage. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals for the session, whether that be relaxation, pain relief, etc. and ensure that they feel empowered and renewed when they leave our studio.

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